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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Subversion: status vs. update

Today I learned something important about svn status the hard way. Prior to this project, I've only used the rudiments of Subversion. For most SourceForge projects, I would run svn update. The svn status command displays all files that have been modified locally. I assumed it compared changes against the repository. So yesterday when I tried to commit some changes, I got an "Out of date" error message. I had to copy my mods elsewhere, update, manually diff the files, then commit. No big deal. I just didn't read the documentation closely enough.

Gnome: How do I get the properties of a program listed in my applications menu? Most windowing systems do this with a right mouse click. It's not obvious with gnome, so my workaround is to install the application on my panel, right-click, then remove it from the panel. This is how I discovered the "Bluetooth File Sharing" application is actually gnome-obex-server.

Speaking of gnome-obex-server (written in Python) and obexserver (written in C) -- they are incredibly limited pieces of software. They both accept incoming files from bluetooth devices -- in my case pictures from my Nokia 6600 -- but give no option to choose where you want them saved. The gnome-obex-server drops the files in your home directory, and obexserver puts everything in /tmp. Another issue with obexserver -- it shuts down after it has received the first incoming file. It's a simple matter to modify the code in obexserver, but both of these are Debian distribution apps -- obexserver even has a man page.

I looked into using Pyrex to build a Python interface to the OBEX stuff. Pyrex is an awesome piece of work, but I don't have time to wrap up all the OBEX C structures in a .pyx file. There's a bit of a learning curve to get it right. Since the interface is so simple, I might SWIG it instead. I shouldn't be wasting time on this anyway.


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