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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Trac: Integrated SCM & Project Management

After working on my current project I have a better
appreciation for having issue tracking, a wiki, and the
Subversion revision control system integrated into
a complete package.

If you're already familiar with cvs or Subversion, Trac
is useful without having to learn a bunch of arcane
commands. It would be fairly easy for even a non-programmer
to participating in a project managed with Trac.

The Trac wiki isn't as robust as MoinMoin, but the
effortless integration with the ticket tracker
is a pleasure to use. Project members can
be issued notifications via email or RSS for tickets
that have issued, modified, or resolved.

The source browser is also well integerated. The
current version of each code module has a link to
the revision, which in turn displays all the other
files that were committed as part of the revision.


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